Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Democrat and Obama loyalist takes on Ed Schultz and the so-called “professional left”

After an anonymous source leaked to the Washington Post that President Obama had put Social Security on the table in the debt ceiling debate, Adam Green, Brian Sonenstein, and MSNBC Ed Schulz took the unsubstantiated story at face value and sprung into action with threats to withdraw support from the President and Democrats seeking re-election in 2012. Have they lost their collective minds?

I do not trust one single word that comes from some supposedly anonymous source in a newspaper column. Journalists today will lie, distort, concoct, and hack into people's email and phone to get something on air or in print.

Green of Bold Progressives and Sonenstein of Firedog Lake emailed their members an urgent petition to sign immediately, and by the way, send us money too. Schultz, in his usual, bombastic style threatened what is tantamount to a voter boycott of the 2012 elections. That’s just did it for me. I had heard enough, and I had had enough.

It is debatable whether they caught me on my bad day or good day, but below is my response to Ed Schultz, and I sent a variation of the same text directly to Adam Green and Brian Sonenstein.

MY RESPONSE (edited)

I will NEVER sign a damn petition that would guarantee a GOP victory in 2012! Are you out of your friggin mind? You are trying to put the same chokehold on President Obama and the Democrats as the Tea Party has over John Boehner and the GOP Congress.

Do not jump to conclusions before the FACTS are presented. Besides Democrats in neither the Senate or the House will vote to cut benefits under no circumstances, and President Obama will not sign such a bill. That does not mean there are not other ways to cut cost to these programs. So what is it really about with these urgent petitions from Bold Progressives and Firedog Lake? I know, I scare people into donating money.

The government should do means testing for both Social Security and Medicare. What does someone with tens of millions and billions of dollars need with a government run health care program or a check for a few thousand dollars? There are ways to reform to these programs without cutting benefits. However, the news media drums up fake news reports to stoke fear, and you follow suit with your threats and the progressive groups start begging for money. There is no fire to put out, Ed Schultz.

You are a progressive but you are not a loyal Democrat. Adam and Brian use the organizational structure of a political party from which to advocate their position, but they are not loyal to the Party. Like you, Ed Schultz, their loyalty is to their own self-interest. Period! It is about sticking it to Republicans, winning and losing, getting one up on them. It’s just a game. Adam Green recently sent an email with the subject, “Let’s see if we can make Paul Ryan squirm.” I deleted it without ever reading the text.

One thing you and the “professional left” need to be clear about, you all did not single handedly elect Barack Obama or any other Democrat in 2008. Every single person who cast a ballot had a hand in it, of which tens of millions of them never heard of Bold Progressives or Daily Kos or Firedog Lake or Rachel Maddow or Cenk Uygor or Ed Schultz.

Barack Obama will be re-elected with or without the support of the so-called “professional left”. If they are going to withdraw their support, that just means Obama supporters will have to work just that much harder to make up the deficit. You, Adam, Brian, Markos, Cenk, and Rachel all have too much self-importance. You think you are smarter and wiser than the Democratic electorate. You excoriate Democratic politicians, but you need the Party to make yourself relevant.

So NO, I will not sign a petition or donate money to any progressive group for the purpose of scaring their members into not showing up at the polls in 2012. Hell NO, I will not do that.

Why don’t you try this for a change…trust President Obama to do what he thinks is best for the Country. Trust him that he’s looking out for the greater good. Trust him to protect Medicare and Social Security benefits, which are dear to Democrats, but reform them in order to preserve them for future generations. Simply, TRUST HIM!

I haven’t always agreed with his methods and I have respectfully let him know that via email, fax, and snail, but not once have I regretted my vote or even hinted that I would not support his re-election. I have not always agreed with some Democrats and their vote, but I’m not going to withdraw support from them and open the door for a Republican victory.

You sound ignorant asking people to, basically, let the GOP win if Democrats do not bow down to the great Ed Schultz's demands. And if you are not going to support Democrats, whom are you going to vote for...Republicans?

A Twitter follower just recently tweeted me that you have only been a Dem for a few years. That explains a lot, if it’s true. Maybe, that’s where that bullying, loud, threatening, all or nothing, no compromising, name-calling, superiority persona of yours comes from. Yep, it's like what they say, you can take the man out of the Republican Party but you can't the Republican Party out of the man.

And just so you know Ed Schultz, President Barack Obama is NOT your BOY! He is his own man, something you and his other critics refuse to accept. He is not a progressive puppet.

I had to stop watching you, Ed. I do not want to fall asleep with you yelling in my ear and seeing your face turning red from anger and frustration. You are excessively emotional, and emotional people don't think rational and they make major blunders. I would not want a President with your temperament. You are passionate, and I can appreciate that but your approach is not helpful. Besides, you do not speak for all of us.

Either get over yourself Ed Schultz, get on board to keep the Country out of the hands of the GOP or Democrats and Obama LOYALISTS will battle you and your progressive ilks every doggone day from now until Election Day and beyond. You want to do battle, then let's get it on Big Ed. You're a bully, but you don't scare me!

Let's do this Ed. You want to battle and interfere with our efforts to re-elect Barack Obama, bring it on. You'll lose viewers before I lose sleep.

UPDATE 07/13/11 5:40 P.M. ET]
Ed Schultz was a far right Conservative until 2000. He voted Republican in the 2000 election. He was known for making incendiary remarks against Democrats. He berated the homeless on his radio show until he learned that many Veterans were homeless too. Therefore, when you hear him demoralize President Obama and Democrats, just know that he's using a classic Republican tactic.


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