Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Democrat and Obama loyalist takes on Ed Schultz and the so-called “professional left”

After an anonymous source leaked to the Washington Post that President Obama had put Social Security on the table in the debt ceiling debate, Adam Green, Brian Sonenstein, and MSNBC Ed Schulz took the unsubstantiated story at face value and sprung into action with threats to withdraw support from the President and Democrats seeking re-election in 2012. Have they lost their collective minds?

I do not trust one single word that comes from some supposedly anonymous source in a newspaper column. Journalists today will lie, distort, concoct, and hack into people's email and phone to get something on air or in print.

Green of Bold Progressives and Sonenstein of Firedog Lake emailed their members an urgent petition to sign immediately, and by the way, send us money too. Schultz, in his usual, bombastic style threatened what is tantamount to a voter boycott of the 2012 elections. That’s just did it for me. I had heard enough, and I had had enough.

It is debatable whether they caught me on my bad day or good day, but below is my response to Ed Schultz, and I sent a variation of the same text directly to Adam Green and Brian Sonenstein.


#REPOST Real life is the curve of the river The strength of the ocean It’s the swaying of trees It’s pouring rain and bright sunshine...