Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Response to Criticism for celebrating death of Osama bin Laden

IN AN INTERVIEW WITH CNN'S PIERS MORGAN, Liberal activist Michael Moore sounded more like someone on the far-right when he loudly proclaimed that those who celebrated and cheered when learning of bin Laden's death were un-American. Really? Well Michael, that is exactly how Fox News and the far-right attacked Moore and others like me for our anti-war stance during the Bush Administration.
When the extremes on the right want to silence Liberals who disagree with the Republican agenda or Conservative principles, they label them unpatriotic or un-American. No one wants that label put on them, but it's a cheap way of beating back their critics.  Michael Moore is doing the same thing to supporters of the raid on bin Laden's compound. 
He believes bin Laden should have been brought back to the U.S. and tried in a civilian court, which was never going to happen. Therefore, since the Navy Seals shot him instead of trying to transport him, Moore concludes bin Laden was assassinated.  He looked into the camera and said, "You're not American."

Michael may want to look up how Congress defines assassination. Bin Laden was not a political operative who was killed for his political views.  He was shot in the head and chest because he masterminded the death of over three-thousand American citizens and the murder of tens of thousands of his own Muslim brothers and sisters.
Either Michael is a blatant hypocrite or he is more in line with the philosophical views of some folk on Fox News than he realizes; although, their slandering of the President is nothing new.  The next time Michael Moore is interviewed, someone should ask him, "Did you vote for Barack Obama in 2008?" If he answers "yes", then he is a damn hypocrite because presidential candidate Barack Obama stood before the American people and forcefully declared what he would go into Pakistan and kill Osama bin Laden if he had actionable intelligence that he was there.  He promised that the military would "kill him." That's exactly what they did, and the world is a better place. What? Michael didn't believe him. He probably thought Obama was just posturing to seem tough on national security. If Michael answers "no"that he did not vote for Barack Obama for President, then we know his objection to Obama polices goes deeper than bin Laden.
I didn't go out into the streets and celebrate bin Laden's death, but I sure was delighted and happy to hear that his sorry ass was dead.  I said, “THANK YOU GOD that he is off this planet", and I stand by my spontaneous reaction.
I remembered where I was on 9/11 and what a horrible, horrible sickening feeling overwhelmed me watching all of those people jumping out of windows from the Twin Towers.  I cried a sea of tears for many days after that horrific event. Sunday night, 5/11, I also cried after hearing of Osama's death, but it was tears of heartfelt joy that justice had finally come for America, the victims of 9/11, and their families.
Michael and other Liberals/Progressives share a similar viewpoint with some of Obama haters on Fox News. I won't be surprised if Michael gets an invite to be a guest on one of their shows, and I bet you a dollar to a dime that he would accept. 
I, like many others, share a point-of-view that a bullet to his eye and one to his head was what Osama bin Laden deserved. I wonder what he was thinking when he realized that the United States of America had come to kill him, and that these brave men carried the hurt and pain of a Nation looking for justice. I hope his children don’t follow his example.
I have voted Democrat for almost 40 years and have been in the trenches fighting for the Democratic platform and advocating for liberal ideas, and Michael Moore has no right to slam us as being un-American because we disagree with his opinion. I am glad the world is rid of Osama, a vile human being, who had lost all sense of his connection to all of humanity.  
We all have opinions, and we are entitled to them.  When it comes to morals and values, it is a personal matter. One person can see a situation as morally right, and another, as morally wrong.  I didn't have a moral challenge as to how I should or should not react. I didn't seek religious guidance after learning of his demise. Jubilation erupted spontaneously, and I did absolutely nothing to stop the tears of joy that Osama bin Laden would no longer be a threat to the safety and security of America, and the world.
Biblical teachings say you "mourn when someone is born and rejoice when someone dies." The reason behind the thought is that life is supposed to be difficult to bear; therefore, in death, they claim you are free of your burdens, pain and suffering. I got an opinion on that, too, but I will save it for a later time. However, based on that religious line of thinking (, and I’m not even religious), all of us who celebrated and rejoiced were acting in accordance with Scripture.
Michael, I give you credit for holding our politicians accountable for policies that weaken the middle class and make it harder for the poor. I applaud you for that. However, on this Osama bin Laden thing, if you keep slamming us, I will not be putting two hands together to clap for you. I will be putting my middle finger up whenever I see your face on my television while the finger on my other hand changes the channel.  

That’s my yada yada, and I’m sticking to it.


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