Friday, January 19, 2018


“Which political party has forgotten these hardworking noble white people? Surely not Democrats. But who do these “forgotten men and women” cast their vote for year after year after year while feeling so forgotten, so neglected?”

Updated/Reposted April 8, 2019

Donald Trump often declared that “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.” With that phrase (,which was used in the Depression era,) he invoked the notion that white people are the "forgotten" and the real wage earners who have been deprived economically and forgotten by the federal government because of "the others" taking resources from them. Who are "the others," primarily blacks, Hispanics, Mexicans, Muslims, other minorities, and whites who vote for Democrats or advocate for abortion rights or equality for all citizens.

The way they phrase it suggests that whites are noble and worthy of support from the government when they fall behind and have to apply for assistance, but "the others" are unworthy of government aid no matter how hard they work, even though they pay taxes too.

The U.S. Congress and governments in all fifty states are largely governed by white men and every piece of legislation in the U.S. congress or in all fifty state governments are written with the majority in mind. Who are the majority? White Americans.

So how have white Americans been forgotten? Who forgot them? Surely not Democrats who risked their political future to give every America access to affordable healthcare that Republicans are determined to take it away.

Democrats and not Republicans 
are the ones fighting for a living wage, so people can lift themselves out of poverty and low-income earners can move into the middle class.

Democrats and not Republicans are the ones fighting to make sure students, regardless of race, who can’t afford a college education have access to federal financial aid.

Democrats and not Republicans fight for high-performing public schools, better roads and bridges, funding hospitals and broadband in rural areas.

Democrats and not Republicans are the ones who care most about combating global warming, clean air and water, and protecting our coastal states from oil drilling. Republicans are giddy that the Trump regime believes money made from oil drilling and coal mining far outweighs the harmful effects they cause to the environment and humans who work in those mines.

Democrats and not Republicans created a federal agency to protect consumers against payday lenders, credit card companies, and mortgage lenders. Republicans vehemently oppose the agency, and the Trump regime is slowly dissolving it.

So again, which political party has forgotten these so-called hardworking noble white people? Surely not Democrats. But who do these “forgotten men and women” cast their vote for time and time again while feeling so forgotten, so neglected? They vote for Republicans. Why? Not because they directly benefit from legislation put forth by Republicans. They believe that Republicans will fight to stop women (they don’t even know) from having an abortion and stop minorities from getting government aid of any kind for any reason even if it means that the “forgotten men and women” get nothing themselves.

Every time they cast a vote for a Republican, they’re saying: ‘forget about me, just stop those damn Democrats from getting ahead by any means necessary.’ They are willing to deprive their own children of financial aid to go to college, withhold healthcare from them, or to have access to a rural hospital as long as "the others" don’t have it.

These ‘noble white Americans’ want affordable healthcare, they just don’t want "the others" to have it. They voted for Trump knowing he ran on repealing Obamacare, which they benefit from. However, they believe if Obama did it, then he did to help "the others," so they rather not have it.

My blood boils listening to pundits and analysts on cable news accuse Democrats of forgetting white Americans in rural areas while ignoring the fact that the poorest people in America live in 9 states governed by Republicans. Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona (ranks 8th – home state of former Senator Jeff Flake), Georgia, Kentucky (ranks 4th - Senate Mitchell McConnell’s home state), Louisiana (new Democrat governor elected in 2017), Mississippi (poorest state in the nation), New Mexico (ranks 3rd), Oklahoma, West Virginia (ranks 5th).

The Republican governors in 9 of the 10 states, which by the way were voted into office by the so-called “forgotten men and women," support the Trump agenda of decreasing the size of the federal government so that it primarily serves corporate America and the rich like himself and eliminate vital programs that these states need to lift their residents out of poverty.

It would behoove Democrats in Congress to stand up for what Democrats accomplished from 2009 to 2016 under Barack Obama, the most consequential president since FDR. They need to push back on this notion that the Democratic Party is neglecting rural America, which is farthest from the truth.

It is this automatic acceptance amongst media figures that since the Democrats are primarily made up of racial minorities, women, and young people, they need to do something extra special to make rural whites feel included amongst all these minorities.

For the so-called “forgotten men and women” in states with the highest poverty rate, how have your life improved economically under your Republican governor? Then look in the mirror, see yourself as the cause of your own discontent with government by electing Republicans time and time again, and see yourself as the solution to your discontent with government -- stop voting against your own self-interest and see "the others" as your fellow citizens who want government to work for them, just like you do.

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